Escape in a Tesla Model Y

Sleek Blue 2022 Performance Tesla Model Y with Black Interior (Metro Atlanta only)

Are you in town for the weekend and need something stylish and “eco friendly” to get around? Looking to test drive one for the experience? Looking to impress that special someone on a date? Flying in and prefer to drive an EV? This is your chance to book a Tesla Model Y. We handle all bookings through Turo. 

Now let’s talk about your experience. Once you approach the car for your contactless pickup, we’ll unlock it and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll be able to pair your phone with the car as well. Don’t worry – if you run into snags – you can always just message us and we can assist you remotely. You’ll grab your key and rest your phone on the wireless charger as you get accustomed to the menus on the 15-inch screen. You will take a moment to set the navigation to where you want to go, perhaps pair your phone to the bluetooth, play a Tesla streaming radio station and then gently pull out of your parking space to begin your trip. If you’ve driven a Tesla – then you know what you’re in for. If this is your first time, you’re going to experience a clean seamless driving experience. The car’s many safety features make for confident driving from lane assist, to a video display of blind spots when changing lanes, to the visual head’s up display courtesy of Tesla Vision.

Please note**Full Self Driving is NOT activated on this vehicle. The vehicle comes only with Autopilot.

If visiting town, we recommend staying at a hotel with electric vehicle charging and that you charge overnight. There are also plenty of super chargers which you’re welcome to use. We’ll just bill you for any charge after your trip.

Hear from our past rides

Peter was a great communicator and always quick to respond. Ride was in great shape and very clean. Will rent from again.

– Chris
May 2022

Peter was amazing. Fantastic car. It was super clean and Peter went above and beyond with communication and understanding our constantly shifting flight situation. I will be seeking him out on every trip to Atlanta.

– Bradley
May 2022

Excellent host. Couldn't ask for better. Punctual communicator. Excellent car, great support.

– Wassim
May 2022

Great host and outstanding car

 – Tuan 
April 2022

Contactless Pickup and Drop Off

We offer contactless pickup and drop off. Witha few easy pre-check in steps – you can have a contactless pickup. The car will be waiting for you at your designated pickup post ( either in Smyrna, GA or the Atlanta Airport).  When you get close to the vehicle, simply message us and we’ll unlock the car for you. Once your trip is completed, simply make sure there’s charge left in the vehicle, notify us of where you’ve left the car, and lock it. Then you’re done.

Managing Charge

EV cars are slightly different from gas cars. Running out of charge is a lot more dangerous than running out of gas. If the car runs out of charge, it will have to be towed. Towing will force you to incur some pretty significant towing costs.  Fortuantely Tesla’s have a super charger network that can provide 80 % of your battery as little as 15 minutes. In addition, Teslas can be charged at regular EV chargers as well ( although they are signficantly slower). Just check the car’s GPS to help you identify the closest super charger. If you use the built in GPS to navigate to your destinations, the car will automatically route you through the closest chargers based on your available battery range.

Add this car to your Tech Escape Big Canoe Vacation

Ready for the ultimate getaway? Want to enjoy the mountains with a zero-emission experience? We can offer a custom delivery at our Big Canoe cabin.  Please note – this is only available for booking with delivery to Tech Escape Big Canoe. This must be a custom request – and can only be requested with an existing Tech Escape Big Canoe reservation. These bookings will have a waived delivery fee and can charge for free at the cabin. Please use the form below to inquire:

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